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Bam Softpack Jazz Trombone Case Mint

Mint Bam Softpack Jazz Trombone Case

Molded on a King Jazz Trombone

The Bam Softpack trombone cases are fun, colorful, and protective cases. The top shell is actually made of metallic-colored hard ABS. Whereas the bottom part is made of a sturdy, durable, and anti-slip rubber material. The interior also features Bam's signature high-density foam core, which protects your instrument against temperature damages, and serves as a suspension system. These cases have been a very popular option among students and professional musicians!

About Bam

Bam France has been a leader in instrument protection for decades. Their cases have protected some of the most valuable instruments around the world. They’re popular among musicians, museums, and auction houses. Bam cases are known for their durability, protection, and lightweight. They’re also the most stylish instrument cases you will find!

Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs.)