Bobelock 1029 Fiberglass Arrow Mandolin Case

Bobelock 1029 Fiberglass Mandolin Case

The new #1029 fiberglass mandolin case is strong, light, and well padded inside. The 1029 arrow shaped mandolin case is one of the best available for your instruments because it is newly designed to fit an F-pattern mandolin as well as most A-pattern mandolins. The bright colors add a little extra personality to your already fabulous ability to play the mandolin.

F5 mandolin only. Many "A" patterned mandolins will fit this case as well.

Weight : 8.50lbs


  • Includes padded travel cover
  • Instrument blanket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hygrometer
  • "Super Seal" valance closure
  • Accessory pocket