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    Gewa Bio-A Oblong Blue Violin Case with Pocket

    Weight: 6.17 lb (2.8 kg)

    Size: 1/2-4/4

    Material: Organic Flax Hard Shells

    - 2 bow-holders
    - Subway handle
    - Ergonomic handle
    - Padded suspension
    - Adjustable neck rest
    - Accessory compartment
    - Water-resistant shells
    - 2 padded shoulder straps

    The Perfect Violin Case For Students

    The Gewa Bio violin case with a sheet music pocket is one of our most popular student violin cases! It's simple, protective, and affordable. The case has 2 bow holders, and a very spacious accessories pocket for large shoulder rests.

    This case also has a "buckled-in" sheet music pouch. It's wider than the case, so you can fit wider sheet music.

    The exterior of the case is made of organic flax shells. It's a temperature-resistant and water-resistant material. And it looks really unique too! So you don't have to worry about digging through a sea of black violin cases after orchestra rehearsal to find your case.

    Bio-A is a successor of our massively popular the Bio-S cases, the first model in this series to focus on sustainability. The Bio-A features more advanced features and allow it to be used for a much longer-term than Bio-S. Minimalist construction and design, low weight, practical, and sustainable. Available in four modern colors and fits 1/2 to 4/4.


    "I love my case! It’s very elegant and light. It is also beautiful inside and comfortable to carry."

    Top Reasons To Get This Case

    ✔️ Zippered pouch for sheet music

    ✔️ 2 detachable backpack straps

    ✔️ Easy-grip side (subway) handle

    ✔️ Great insulation against hot & cold weather

    ✔️ Spacious compartment for large shoulder rests

    ✔️ Spacious accessory compartment (can fit large shoulder rests)