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    Gewa Idea 1.9 Carbon Fiber Violin Case

    Weight: 4.2 lb

    Size: 4/4

    Material: Aramid-Carbon Shell

    - 3-digit combination locks
    - 2 velcro rings for securing shoulder rests of any size
    - 4 bow holders
    - Subway handle
    - Large removable accessory pouch
    - Zippered compartment for sheet music on the backside
    - 2 Comfortably-padded shoulder straps
    - Protection blanket
    - String tube

    Gewa Idea 1.9 Carbon Fiber Oblong Violin Case

    The German-engineered Gewa "IDEA 1.9" oblong violin cases are some of the strongest violin cases in the world. They're constructed of Aramid-carbon. The carbon fiber weave of the 1.9 cases is extremely puncture resistant. The interior accessories pocket is spacious and removable. And the velcro straps that secure the shoulder rest is also adjustable so that it can accommodate any type of shoulder rest.

    Top Reasons To Get This Case

    ✔️ Only 4.2 lb

    ✔️ Made in Germany

    ✔️ Extremely protective & puncture-resistant shell

    ✔️ 2 velcro rings to secure any type of shoulder rest

    ✔️ Removable accessory pouch

    ✔️ 3-digit combination latches to easily lock your case

    ✔️ 2 neoprene straps with extra padding. Comfortable on the shoulders

    About Gewa

    Originally founded in 1925, Gewa has built a reputation for itself as the creator of some of the most indestructible cases in the world. It is a trusted brand among top musicians such as Elisabeth Pitcairn, Midoi, Jan Vogler, Frank Peter Zimmermann, Mira Wang, and many more. Gewa cases have protected priceless instruments for decades, and each case is carefully designed in Germany. Gewa holds several patents, such as the swivel bow holder, neck support, material, and many more. With a name like Gewa, you know your beloved instrument is well protected.