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    Gewa Novita 5-String Electric Violin with Adaptor Rest Golden Brown




    Gewa Novita Electric Violin 5-String with Shoulder Rest Adaptor

    These 5-string electric violins are perfect for fiddlers and violinists who want those bass notes! The low C-string has a really warm, almost cello-like sound. These instruments are some of the best electric violins you will find in terms of quality, price, and sound.

    The violins feature unique and beautifully shaped wooden bodies with solid maple necks. The preamp on the back of the violin features 2 outputs for headphones or amplifier. Great for musicians who want to practice in silence with headphones on.

    You can also adjust the volume, along with the treble and bass frequencies. This is a great feature for electric violin playersthat may be using different speakers or amps. You have the option to tone down the bass frequencies if you're using an amp or system that may be a little too "boomy" on the low end.

    The adaptor is designed to fit any type of shoulder rest. This is perfect for violinists who prefer to use their own shoulder rests.

    Top Reasons To Get This Violin

    ✔️ Amazing sound quality and design.

    ✔️ Fine tuning pegs are very easy to turn.

    ✔️ Can use any shoulder rest of your choice with the adaptor.

    ✔️ Adjustable treble and bass knobs to control frequency on any speaker or amplifier.


    • 5-string electric violin
    • Wood grain body with silk matte varnish
    • Solid maple neck
    • Uniquen scroll that you can hold with one finger
    • Wittner fine tuning pegs, tailpiece, & chin rest
    • Universal adapter for shoulder rests
    • Thomastik-Infeld Alpha Yue strings
    • Specially developed GEWA pick-up
    • Output optional between headphones or amplifier

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    Weight: ca. 550 g