Glasser AEX Acoustic Electric Violin Green




    Green Glasser AEX Acoustic Electric Violin

    The Glasser AEX 4-string violins are hybrid acoustic and electric violins. That means you can still get a beautiful acoustic sound out of the instrument without plugging it into an amplifier.

    This is great for violinists who want the best of both worlds. You can plug it into an amplifier and throw on some cool effects, or you can perform on the spot without any speakers.

    The AEX is a shinier & cooler version of the original Glasser AE electric violins. The difference is in the exterior coating. AEX violins feature a layer of paint dye coating that gives the instrument a pearlescent shine and metallic look.

    This body is made of carbon composite materials. This makes it a lot stronger than wooden violins. And it's much more temperature-resistant as well! So you don't have to worry about your instrument suffering from humidity and inclement weather.

    About Glasser

    Founded in 1938, Glasser built its incredible reputation by revolutionizing the art of bow making through the use of modern materials, such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. They're most well known for their carbon fiber bows.

    The company's dedication to quality workmanship and innovation is reflected through their instruments as well.

    Top Reasons To Get This Violin

    ✔️Can be played acoustically without speakers or amps.
    ✔️A lot sturdier and temperature-resistant compared to wooden violins.
    ✔️Cool pearlescent shine and texture on the body.
    ✔️Bass & treble frequency knob on the chin rest.
    ✔️Planetary pegs that are very easy to turn & tune.


    • Full-size 4-string violin
    • Carbon composite body
    • Planetary pegs for easy tuning
    • 1/4" output on the chin rest
    • Bass & treble frequency knobs on the chin rest
    • Volume control on the tailpiece
    • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
    • Larsen strings

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