KNA VV-3 Violin / Viola Pickup

Minimal Design Piezo Violin Pickup

The KNA VV-3 is a minimally designed violin / viola pickup that delivers great sound quality. It's perfect for musicians that want as little hardware on their instruments as possible. The jack mount is made of ebony. Giving it a very elegant look.

The pick up very easy to setup. The piezo is easy to install to your bridge. And the 1/4" jack mount clamps easily to the side of your instrument.

The VV-3 is a passive system designed to work with your favorite amp or preamp. It's also one of the nicest looking instrument pickups you'll find!

Top Reasons To Get This Pickup

✔ Designed to deliver the natural sound of your instrument

✔ Very easy to setup

✔ Minimal design ebony socket mount

✔ Works seamlessly with any amp or preamp


  • Ebony socket mount
  • 1/4" jack socket
  • Maximum impedance 1500 Ω

KNA Violin Pickups Video