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Pedi Magic Dehumidifier For Music Instruments

Reusable Pedi Magic Dehumidifiers for Violin, Violas, and Cellos

Comes in a 3-piece set.

Say goodbye to humidity packs, tubes, and devices! Introducing the first ever 100% reusable dehumidifier kit!

As a website dedicated to instrument protection, we know how important humidity is in preserving the sound of your instrument.

Cases are designed to protect your instrument from physical damages and inclement weather. But it can only do so much when it comes to humidity control. Which is why every case should include some sort of humidity kit.

The Problem Though...

Most humidity kits and packs have to be constantly replaced. And the humidity level can vary quite a bit. For example, many traditional humidity silica packs can reduce humidity quickly. However, you don't want quick changes in humidity when it comes to your fragile wooden instrument. You want the humidity to change slow and steady around 45% to 55%.

Why You Need Pedi Magic

The Pedi Magic Dehumidifier outperforms most humidity kits in the market! It is designed for wooden instruments. It slowly adjusts the humidity level to a safe range of 45% to 55%.

Furthermore, the Magic dehumidifier is 100% reusable. To refresh or maintain the Magic Dehumidifier, simply put them in a microwave set to defrost mode for about 9 minutes, and they will be as good as new.

Pedi Magic Dehumidifier


  • - Each Magic Dehumidifier can absorb up to 8 grams of water and can be reused indefinitely by refreshing them in a microwave.
  • - For an even moisture distribution, use all 3 pieces, one placed next to the scroll and the c-bouts.
  • - At 77°F, on average it takes about only 2 hours to reach 50% humidity level when the case remains closed
  • - Size: 1.25" x 2" x 0.75"
  • - Capacity: 10ml +110% at 77°F, 85 RH%
  • - Air Treatment Capacity: 1.4 ft3

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User Manual

CAUTION: Magic Dehumidifier is not a humidifier, though it is able to maintain humidity, and should not be saturated with water or any other liquid. Doing so will compromise the nano porous structure and will make it ineffective.