• SUP2200XLWS

    Bam Hightech Supreme Polycarbonate Contoured Viola Case




    Bam Hightech Supreme Ice Contoured Viola Case White - Silver Seal

    Adjustable to fit violas between 15.5" and 16.5".

    The Bam Hightech Ice Supreme viola cases are the newest line of cases designed by Bam France. Light, protective, and extremely durable. These "Ice Supreme" cases feature 100% polycarbonate shells; polycarbonate is incredibly strong and scratch-resistant. The locks are also 2nd generation polycarbonate locks (stronger than the standard Bam case locks). The cases also feature Bam’s signature Hightech and foam core protection under the polycarbonate shells. The technology makes the cases stronger than carbon fiber cases, and better against heat penetration (since carbon fiber metals heat up quicker). This is why Bam France has been a renowned name among musicians across the world.

    Bam Hightech shaped viola cases have protected some of the most valuable viola in the world. The cases are light, durable, and stylish. Bam’s patented protection known as “Hightech” features a combination of three premium materials. Because they’re all handmade, quality workmanship goes into every Hightech case. Making Bam a very well-known name among musicians.