• The Realist Copperhead Violin Pickup




    Easy To Install Copperhead Violin Pickups

    The Realist copperhead violin pickups are perfect transducers for delivering the real sound of your violin. Hence the name - The Realist. They're able to capture all the sound colors and textures of your instrument. They're also incredibly easy to setup.

    What's most unique about these pickups is that they're able to capture both arco and pizzicato responses. Unlike most pickups in the market, which are great at capturing one or the other. Often leading to one sounding louder than the other. This can be a bit of hassle if you have to purposefully play softer or louder to fix the dynamics of switching between arco and pizzicato.

    With The Realist pickup, you won't have to worry about that! The pickup is designed to make performance as intuitive as possible. You won't have to think about what the pickup is doing as you play.

    The copperhead comes in two jack mount options: mini jack and 1/4" jack.


    The Realist Copperhead violin pickup setup manual