• The Top 4 Double Violin Cases

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    Top Double Violin Cases

    Here at Great Violin Cases, we understand that finding a good double violin case may be difficult, because there’s not that much information on them!

    Unlike violin cases, there aren’t that many blogs or articles comparing and reviewing the different double violin case options out there.

    And finding a double violin case at your local store may prove challenging as well.

    Afterall, music stores are limited on space, and there’s a lot more violinists looking for standard violin cases than double cases.

    Which is exactly why we see the need to write this article! Choosing a good double case is important. You are, after all, protecting two instruments instead of one.

    We’ll go over some of the best double violin cases we have on our site.

    And where are we getting our information you ask? From our customers! We’ve sold enough double cases to know which ones have been the most popular.

    And just to make sure we’re all on the same page, we’re referring to cases that can fit two violins, NOT a violin and a viola. We’ll probably do a separate article on those cases in the near future.

    The Top 5 Double Violin Cases

    Bobelock 1015 Double Violin Case

    What we like:

    • Incredibly protective and sturdy wooden cases.
    • Temperature-resistant shells.
    • Beautiful velvet interiors. Several colors to choose from.
    • Water-resistant canvas covers.
    • Full suspension system (pads). So if you drop the case, the violins don’t knock against the hard interior of the case itself.
    • One of the most affordable cases for the quality you get.
    • Large zippered compartment for sheet music.
    • Has a hygrometer.
    • Ribbons behind the bow holders. For musicians that like to put pictures behind the ribbons.
    • Will last you for decades. Bobelock has been around since 1901, so they have the years of experience to prove the durability of their cases.

    Our pet peeves:

    • This case is a bit on the heavier side. Weighing about 8.5 lbs. Most double cases weigh about 7.5 to 8 lbs.
    • Only 1 shoulder strap included.

    Gewa Concerto Double Violin Case

    What we like:

    • German-engineered cases. Attention to detail and overall quality.
    • Beautiful blue velvet interior.
    • Full suspension system.
    • Water-resistant covers plus rain flap.
    • Full-size sheet music compartment.
    • Has a hygrometer.
    • Ribbons behind the bow holders. For musicians that like to put pictures behind the ribbons.

    Our pet peeves:

    • Only one interior color available - blue.

    Bam Hightech Double Violin Case

    What we like:

    • One of the strongest and most protective double cases out there.
    • Made with Hightech shells. Which is Bam’s own patented protection. And preferred by top violinists aroundthe world.
    • Temperature-resistant hard case. Many hard cases can absorb heat, but you don’t have this issue with Hightech cases.
    • Features 2 combination locks. So you can lock your case!
    • Comes with 2 really nicely padded shoulder straps.
    • Beautiful and cool exterior looks.
    • Removable accessory pouches.

    Our pet peeves:

    • Not cheap! These cases are definitely designed to protect high-value violins.
    • No sheet music pouch.

    Gewa IDEA Double Violin Case

    What we like:

    • Made of 100% carbon fiber, which is incredibly light and protective.
    • Case only weighs 5.7 lbs. That’s lighter than most standard violin cases!
    • Features 3-digit combination locks. So you can lock the case!
    • One of the only modern hardshell double violin cases with sheet music pouch.
    • Beautiful and sleek carbon weave look.

    Our pet peeves:

    • Not cheap! Also designed for high-value violins.
    • Can heat up under inclement weather conditions. You definitely don’t want to leave this case under the sun on a hot summer’s day too long.


    Finding a good double violin case is important cause you’ve got double the value to protect. If you’re going for a protective and durable case at an affordable price and you don’t mind the weight, Bobelock will be the best option.

    If you want the best protection for your priceless violins, go with a Bam Hightech or Gewa IDEA case. However, avoid the GEWA case if you live in an environment that can be dangerously hot or cold.

    If you like something simple and affordable without sacrificing protection and durability, go with the Bam Classic or Gewa Concerto case.

    And in the end, don’t overthink it! All 5 of these cases have been well received by our customers. So pick the one that’s most attractive to you.

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