• 1002N

    Bam Newtech Cello Case Black

    Weight: 5.5 kg

    Size: Full Size

    Material: Hightech Shell

    - Scroll and neck straps
    - Male/female airtight seal
    - 5 soft touch latches with key
    - String pocket attached inside
    - 2 side handles & 2 bow holders
    - Built-in wheels and pulling handle
    - Elastic band to secure the endpin during travel
    - Total suspension of the instrument on injected foam cushions
    - Anti-slip and anti-wear rubber patches on the bottom outer shell
    - 2 comfortable neoprene antislip backpack straps with security screw hooks
    - Outside shell made of sleek metallic ABS composite shell (2mm) with an Airex skeleton

    Bam Newtech Cello Case Black 

    Bam France has had a long reputation for making the most beautiful, elegant, and strongest cases for musicians all over the world. They have been the preferred choice by professional string musicians because of it's unique protective features. It's suspension and anti-shock technologies, combined with it's modern and sleek French designs, have given Bam France a very respected reputation among string players around the world.

    BAM Newtech cello case is inspired by BAM's patented Hightech system, offering superior protection for your instrument, It features 5 latches and 2 padded backpack straps. It is a slim-line case with all of the features of the BAM Newtech range - a shock and pressure resistant shell, with an Airex skeleton and ABS composite shell.


    Interior Dimensions

    • Total Length: 131 cm
    • Body Length: 79 cm
    • Upper bout: 37 cm
    • Lower bout: 46 cm

    Exterior Dimensions

    • 135 x 51 x 32 cm