• B2028LS-A-BKTN

    Bobelock 2028 Arrow Viola Case Tan




    Bobelock 2028 Arrow Suspension Viola Case Tan Interior

    Adjustable for violas from 15" to 16.5" and up to 10" wide

    The 2028 fiberglass arrow viola case is a beautiful fiberglass case with incredible protection and durability. The slim design adds to the strength of the case while cutting the overall weight.

    The interior features luxurious velvet padding. There's also a suspension system that provides extra protection for your viola. Basically it prevents the instrument from knocking against the case itself!

    What's most unique about this case is the patented adjustable slide. Unlike most adjustable cases that use velcro, this case features a screw that you can tighten after you adjust the neck padding. This allows it to stay in place much more securely.

    Each case also comes with a travel cover! The cover itself is water-resistant, and it also has a zippered compartment for sheet music.