• JW-3030-CS-013

    Jakob Winter Double Violin Case Red




    Jakob Winter Double Violin Case Red Interior

    Weight: 7.3 lbs.

    The Jakob Winter double violin cases are simple, traditional, and durable. They weigh less than 7.5 lbs. Making them quite light for a double case. Handmade in Germany, these cases show great quality in workmanship. Plus they don't use any toxic glues inside, making the cases odorless. And they feature great suspension systems. This case is great for professionals.

    Exterior Features:

    • Five plywood layer construction
    • Water repellent and weather resistant cover
    • Large pocket for sheet music
    • Magnetic rain flap
    • Backpack system with 2 carrying straps, plus additional shoulder strap
    • Comfortable leather handle

    Interior Features:

    • Inside lining consists of high quality, eco-friendly cotton velvet
    • Odorless inside as no toxic glues are used
    • Suspension system for shock protection
    • Padded velvet blanket
    • Hygrometer to control humidity
    • String tube
    • Large Accessory pocket
    • 4 Hill-style bow holders

    Jakob Winter Double Violin Case