Top 6 Cello Case Reviews

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In this article, we made a complete and extensive review of 6 of our best cello cases, and why they have been so popular among student & professional cellists!

For each review, we’ve included a rating scale of the different features. These includeweight, protection, durability, temperature-resistance, and functionality.

The team at Great Violin Cases also highly recommend watching the videos of each case. Pictures are great, but the videos give you a much better understanding of how these cases work.

If you would like to learn more about what makes a great cello case, be sure to check out our article onThe Best Materials for Cello Cases. Where we go into greater detail behind the materials of these top-selling cases.


6 Top-Selling Cello Cases

Gewa Air Cello Cases

Price: $ 1,194.00






Let’s start off with the Gewa Air Cello Cases. What we love most about these cases are the selection of elegant colors. These cases arecolorful, yet professional-looking cello cases.

They are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic shells. This is a forming technique developed by Gewa engineers in Germany that uses more affordable materials to create stronger shells.

Thus allowing the case to be as protective and sturdyas carbon fiber cello cases. Butdoes not heat up like carbon fiber cases do, cause it’s not metallic!

Therefore, it hasoutstanding insulation properties that provide protection against extreme weather. The case also features a strong suspension system, which protects your cello if you accidentally drop the case.

The case also sports an ergonomically designed back section which allows cellists to carry the case with more comfort. Making it a perfect case for traveling cellists.

What customers have said about this case:


"We purchased this case for my daughter. This case is going to last her a lifetime. The lightweight is really helpful for the days when her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is aggravating her. It’s definitely well worth the money and ultimately a great value."

-Joseph D.

Great cello case

"I like this case because it has a click type fastener at the neck, nice adjustable hammock style bottom support, and magnetic bow holder. Hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners in previous cases do not last and have cause bows to pop out and scratch my cello and neck to not be secure. I have had a carbon fiber case previously and for me the lightest weight was not a priority this time. Also, it looks beautiful in white with red interior. The case arrived very quickly. Thank you!"

- David T.

Bobelock 2000 Fiberglass Cello Cases

Price: $ 545.00






Next up is the Bobelock Fiberglass series. This collection set the standard fordurability, protection and style with plenty of color choices to satisfy everyone.

The cases are built using strong fiberglass shells, which provide exceptional strength in protection.

It features a fully suspended velour interior with two bow-holders and an accessories pocket. As well as a shoulder strap.

What we love most about these cases is theprotection & durability you get at an affordable price.

These cases are as strong as many $1000 cases you will find. The only downside is the weight of these cases. They generally weigh 16 lb.

But these cases do have wheels. So if you don’t mind the weight, and you prefer great protection at an affordable price, these cases are perfect for you.

What customers have said about this case:

My bobelock cello case

"I absolutely love my case. I needed a case with wheels that was of a reasonable price and although the weight of the case is as heavy as my former case, the option of wheels has made my life much easier."

- Patricia A.

Great Case!

"I'm in love with my Bobelock 2000 case! The padding and tough fiberglass shell protect my cello and the color (green) is so vibrant and pretty! The wheels make transporting a breeze! My case arrived in a timely fashion and I was happy to see appropriate fragile warnings and it was packaged very securely. "

- Anne A.

Nice case

"Case is very well made and has several options to carry or roll it. Makes my daughter happy."


Great case

"I like the color options, it rolls easily, the straps are great. "

- Johanna I.

Gewa Pure Polycarbonate Cello Cases

Price: $686 - $757






Tough, protective, and durable professional polycarbonate cello cases with wheels.

Polycarbonate is one of the newest innovations in the world of instrument protection. It’s used to make shatterproof glass!

This material is stronger than fiberglass, and it's alsomore scratch-resistant compared to a lot of the hard shell cello cases out there.

And because polycarbonate is a type of plastic, it is more temperature-resistant than metallic cases like carbon fiber.

The exterior woven pattern is really unique and sleek. And there's also a combination lock so that you can lock your case! This stylish cello case is quickly becoming one of our best-selling cases!


Musilia Carbon Fiber Cello Cases

Price range: $ 1,130.00 - $ 2,250.00






If you are the type of musician who is always on the road and you prefer to carry your case like a backpack, the Musilia carbon fiber cello cases are a great option!

What we love most about these cases is the weight. These are some of the lightest carbon fiber cello cases you will find!

Living up to Musilia's incredible reputation, these cases featurehigh-tech suspension systems, a revolutionary carrying system that protects your straps from slipping, and incrediblecarbon fiber shells.

It's design is sleek, modern, and elegant. The Musilia Strad cello cases come in three options:

Musilia S1 model - 7.9 lbs.

Musilia S2 model - 7 lbs.

Musilia S3 model - 5.5 lbs.

The only downside is heat-resistance. As mentioned before, carbon fiber is metallic. Which means it’s more susceptible to outside temperatures.

What does this mean? Don’t leave your case in the trunk of a car in 80 degrees weather and you’ll be fine!

This case isespecially popular in big cities, where cellists prefer to carry their cello cases like backpacks, instead of wheeling them around on dirty pavements.

What customers have said about this case:

Musicians S1

"The case is light and has a sturdy handle. Tight for our slightly larger cello, which makes the packing."

- Beth S.

Light-weight and Durable Case!

"The case fits my 1791 'cello very well, even though it is a tad smaller than the modern full size (but not a 7/8ths). This case is sturdy without being excessively substantial, and I have no trouble carrying it around as a backpack, often for extended distances. I use the backpack straps that came with it, and they have slide-able cushions, which help to create a comfortable, albeit (naturally) flat backpack. The time I had to walk with the case unprotected in the rain, there was no leaking. The 'cello holds its tune very well, as no drafts ********* the snug fit. I highly recommend this case to anyone who needs an upgrade!"

- E L.


"The transparent blue is beautiful and the backpack system makes it easy to carry."

- Madeline S.

Bam Classic Cello Cases

Price range: $ 780.00 - $ 817.00






What we love most about these beautiful cases is the craftsmanship. It'sbeautiful exterior design is simple and elegant.

Bam is aworld renowned brand for quality cases. They have been the preferred choice among professional string musicians around the world.

The case comes in two options: with wheels, or without wheels. The exterior shells are made of durable ABS. And the case features agreatsuspension system.

The inside features a pocket for sheet music, a pocket for strings, and 2 bow holders. Because of it's airtight latches and seals, this case is alsoweather-resistant.

What customers have said about this case:

Love it!

"I just Loved it. It is a great case and I got it just in the time you sayed. Just perfect!"

- Flora Z.

Very happy!

"I like it very much. Very nice case and came quickly!"

- Ise K.

Cello Case

"perfect! could not be better."

- Claudia B.

Howard Core CC4500 Cello Cases

Price: $639






These cases are made of sturdy and protectivecomposite fiberglass shells. This is a technique that mixes fiberglass with other protective materials to achieve a lightweight. Since fiberglass itself is quite heavy.

What we love most about this case is that it’s one of the very few cello hard casesunder 10 lb. Perfect for students on a budget!

This case comes with a pull strap and wheels for easy transportation. The interior includes black plush lining with suspension pads, an accessory pocket, and two bow-holders.

What customers have said about this case:

Exceptional lightweight case

"This case is well made and lightweight. The cello and bow fit nicely and it has a sleek look and finish. Exceeded our expectations!"

- David M.

Great Case

"Our new Howard Core case is excellent: durable yet light weight and easy to carry. A great case for the price. Thanks for making it available!"

- Todd W.

Great looking case.

"It was a Christmas gift. Cello fits very snug and looks secure. No wiggle room. The weight is unbelievably light. 8.6 without the straps. Has two sets of straps. 1 pull strap and 1 backpack strap. No the look very secure. The closure is easy and the hardware seems solid. If the looks and construction are an indication of workmanship and value it should work out well for our daughter."

- Keith M.

Beautiful case!

"The case is very attractive and I am very pleased with it. I particularly like the quality of the interior finish, the solid feel to the closure, the quality of the hinges and latches and the overall quality feel to the case."

- David G.

Nice case

"It is very good quality and light weight cello case. I will come back again."

- Yunfei Y.

Great Case

"It’s a great, beautiful and resistant case. Good for the price."

- Javier L.

Final Thoughts

Choosingthe right cello case really depends on your personal preferences, and budget

The most important aspects of a great cello case areweight, protection, and durability. With a higher budget, you can generally find a cello case with all 3.

However, with tighter budgets, you may have to sacrifice one of these 3 aspects. This does mean you’ll be stuck with a lesser case though.

If you’re often transporting your case in a car, then maybe you don’t need to worry about weight.

Vice versa, if you live in the big city where you’re often on foot, a lightweight case may be more important to you than protection.

Find a case based on your needs!

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