• Top 9 Best-Selling Violin Cases

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    Top violin cases

    Best-selling Violin Cases based on Budget

    We have broken down our best violin cases into 2 budget categories:

    1. Violin cases under $350 (student / budget-friendly cases)

    2. Violin cases over $350 (professional / high-end cases)

    Keep in mind that we’re recommending the best violin cases we can find within each budget category.

    We’re not suggesting that a $250 case is as good as an $800 case simply because it sells more and has higher reviews.

    In general, affordable cases will sell more because there are more students than professionals.

    Best-selling Violin Cases under $350

    Best for your Buck - Gewa Pure

    Gewa Pure violin cases

    Why we love it

    Best selling case on our site

    ✅ Sturdy & protective polycarbonate shells

    ✅ A simple, "gets the job done" case

    ✅ Scratch-resistant surface


    Price: starting at $238

    Weight: 4+ lb.

    Size: can fit 3/4 & 4/4 violins

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    • Movable neck cushion to fit 4/4 & 3/4 violins
    • Water-resistant seals
    • Comes with 2 backpack straps
    • Removable accessory pouch


    • Most protective cases under $300.
    • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate shells.
    • Adjustable neck support to fit 3/4 and 4/4 violins.
    • Gewa’s patented swivel bow holders. These bow holders are very durable. You don’t have to worry about your bow falling on your violin because of loose bow holders.
    • Removable accessory pouch.
    • Protective suspension system. The suspension “suspends” your violin, so that the instrument doesn’t touch the case. If you dropped the case, the violin will not feel the impact.


    • Some violinists with full-size violins don’t want an adjustable neck support.
    • No velcro strap for a shoulder rest in the contoured case.
    • Only 4 colors available.

    Best Backpack Case - Pedi Niteflash

    Pedi violin cases

    Why we love it

    Best case to carry as a backpack

    ✅ "steel ribs" - for extra protection around the most vulnerable places

    ✅ Padded sheet music pouch - more comfort on your back.

    ✅ Reflective strips - reflects car lights at night


    Price: $264

    Weight: 5 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Suspension system

    • Can fit 2 bows

    • Pocket with lid - for accessories and shoulder rest


    • The case only weighs 5 lb.
    • Unique reflective strips to reflect off car lights at night.
    • Padded backpack straps and music pouch for carrying comfort.
    • Retractable backpack straps so you can hide the straps if you decide to carry the case by its handle.
    • Spacious sheet music pouch.
    • Protective suspension system.


    • Pocket for shoulder rest is a little small. The fit is a bit tight.
    • This oblong case can only hold 2 bows.

    Best Firberglass Case - Bobelock 1062

    Bobelock fiberglass violin case

    Why we love it

    Sturdy fiberglass shells

    ✅ Extra black canvas cover included as free gift! 

    ✅ Several colors to choose from

    ✅ Cute "cello shape" violin case


    Price: $326

    Weight: 6 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Spacious area under violin for shoulder rest

    • Water-resistant seals

    • Comes with 1 shoulder strap

    • Removable accessory pouch


    • Tough fiberglass protection. As protective as $500+ cases.
    • Exterior travel pouch included as free gift!
    • Travel pouch has zippered compartment for sheet music.
    • Several colors to choose from.
    • Space under instrument for shoulder rest. (most contoured cases don't have space for shoulder rests).
    • Protective suspension system.


    • The case comes in several colors, but the travel pouch only comes in black.
    • Only 1 shoulder strap included. Backpack straps sold separately.

    Best Plushy, Velvety Interior Case - Bam St. Germain

    Bam Saint Germain violin cases

    Why we love it

    Classic-looking exterior

    ✅ Signature velvet foam protection (suspends the violin in thick & squishy foam)

    ✅ Sheet music pouch on the backside (oblong cases)

    ✅ Removable accessory pouches


    Price: starting at $349

    Weight: 5.7 - 6.8 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Water-resistant seals
    • Comes with 2 padded backpack straps

    • Zippered pocket for Kun shoulder rest (contoured cases)


    • Classic-looking case with modern protection.
    • Bam's signature plush foam protection (like a luxurious Tempur-Pedic mattress for your violin).
    • Removable accessory pouches.
    • Nicely padded shoulder straps.
    • Temperature-resistant hard foam shells.
    • Zippered pouch for sheet music on the backside (so the case doesn't become top-heavy with too much sheet music).


    • Exterior pouch on contoured case for shoulder rest can only fit Kun-style shoulder rest (and it's a tight fit).
    • Oblong case is slightly heavier at 6.8 lb.

    Best Traditional Case - Bobelock Hill Style

    Bobelock Hill Style violin case

    Why we love it

    Elegant & traditional-looking case

    ✅ Great craftmanship at a really affordable price

    ✅ Beautiful velvet interior

    ✅ Lots of pockets for shoulder rest & accessories


    Price: starting at $338

    Weight: 8 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Suspension system

    • 1 shoulder strap included

    • Full-length sheet music pouch

    • Hygrometer & humistat


    • One of the most protective wooden cases under $350.
    • 3 spacious accessory pockets.
    • Beautiful velvet interior.
    • Large exterior pocket for sheet music.
    • Water-resistant canvas cover.
    • Temperature-resistant wooden shells.


    • Slightly heavy at 8 lb.
    • Only 1 shoulder strap included. Backpack straps sold separately.

    Best-selling Violin Cases over $350

    Most Protective Contoured Case - Bam Hightech

    Bam Hightech Violin Cases

    Why we love it

    Incredible protection & durability

    ✅ Beautiful, metallic-looking shells

    ✅ Signature Hightech protection (more temperature-resistant)

    ✅ Very light. Only 3.5 lb.


    Price: $756

    Weight: 3.5 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Suspension system (high-density foam)

    • 2 neoprene backpack straps


    • Only 3.5 lb.
    • Extremely tough & durable Hightech shells (Bam's own patented design).
    • Compact and easy to carry.
    • Subway handle.
    • Sleek & modern-looking cases.
    • Much more temperature-resistant than carbon fiber cases
    • Padded neoprene shoulder straps for extra carrying comfort.


    • Definitely more on the expensive side.
    • More prone to scratches (compared to polycarbonate cases).

    Most Luxurious-looking Wooden Case (under $500)

    Bobelock Wooden Violin Case

    Why we love it

    Beautiful, velvet interior design

    ✅ Unique slanted design. More space for accessories

    ✅ Plush & protective velvet suspension

    ✅ Quality craftsmanship


    Price: $424

    Weight: 8 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Suspension system

    • 1 shoulder strap included

    • 4 bow holders
    • Hygrometer & humistat


    • Redesigned slant for extra spacious accessory pockets.
    • Can fit shoulder rest of any size.
    • Luxurious velvet interior. Unique diamond design on the bottom.
    • Expandable exterior sheet music pocket.
    • Water-resistant canvas covers.


    • Slightly heavy at 8 lb.
    • Only 1 shoulder strap included. Backpack straps are sold separately.

    Lightest + Best Professional Foam Case

    Why we love it

    Super light. Only 3.75 lb.

    ✅ Well-built & durable. Made in Japan.

    ✅ Swiss lock

    ✅ Water-resistant. Even zippers have rain guard


    Price: $475

    Weight: 3.75 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Suspension system

    • 2 padded backpack straps
    • Water-resistant canvas cover
    • Full-length sheet music pouch
    • 3 bow holders


    • Highest quality hard foam violin case.
    • Beautiful velvet interior.
    • Most water-resistant case. The canvas covers are water-resistant. Even the zippers have rain guards (so water doesn't seep through the zippers).
    • Swiss lock. Most durable key lock on any violin case.
    • Complete suspension of the instrument.
    • 2 padded backpack straps.
    • Full-length sheet music pouch.
    • Subway handle.


    • Pricey for a foam case.
    • Not very many colors to choose from.
    • Looks very simple.

    Best Protection + Scratch-resistant Case

    Bam Supreme violin cases

    Why we love it

    Most unique, modern looking cases.

    ✅ Highest quality polycarbonate shells (most scratch-resistant Bam cases).

    ✅ Polycarbonate locks. More durable.

    ✅ Only 3.5 lb.


    Price: $946

    Weight: 3.5 lb.

    Size: 4/4 violins only

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    • Bam's signature Hightech protection with polycarbonate shells.

    • 2 padded backpack straps
    • Water-resistant & airtight seal


    • Most protective & scratch-resistant Bam violin case.
    • Really unique & beautiful exterior design.
    • Temperature-resistant.
    • Water-resistant & airtight seals.
    • 2nd generation polycarbonate locks. They last much longer than typical key locks.
    • Complete suspension of the instrument with Bam's signature high-density foam.
    • 2 padded backpack straps.
    • Subway handle.


    • Expensive case.
    • Not very many colors to choose from.

    Which Violin Case is Right for You?

    Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best violin cases we have, which one is right for you?

    What Qualities Are Most Important To You?

    In a perfect world, you'd get a violin case that is protective, durable, light, functional, well designed, and all for the price of $100! Unfortunately, we don't live in that perfect world...yet.

    A case that has more of those qualities will be more expensive. It requires better materials, better craftmanship, and better engineering & technology.

    So when it comes to choosing a case based on your budget. You'll have to think of certain qualities you're willing to sacrifice, based on your needs.

    For example, you may opt for a case that is protective & durable, but a bit on the heavy side. And vice versa.

    On the other hand, if you do have the budget (or you want to get a really nice gift for a loved one), you could opt for the premium case that has all of the most important qualities of a violin case.

    What Other Considerations Do You Have?

    Do you travel a lot? Do you live somewhere humid? Do you have a large shoulder rest? Do you need space for sheet music? Is this case for an elementary school student or a professional orchestral violinist? Is it a gift?

    Let us Help!

    Being the only site dedicated to instrument protection, we know a thing or 2 about violin cases.

    Browse around our site. Chat with us. Email us. We're here to help you, or your loved one, find the perfect case.

    Read on to learn more about what makes a great violin case....great!

    Qualities of a Great Violin Case

    1. Lightweight

    2. Protective

    3. Durable

    4. Functional

    5. Stylish


    What is lightweight for a violin case? Any case under 5 lb. If it gets under 4.4 lb, that’s impressive.

    Weight is probably the biggest factor when it comes to determining the price of a case. For many of the top case brands in the world, such as Bam violin cases or Gewa violin cases, the goal is to engineer the most durable and protective cases without sacrificing weight.

    This is not easy! Which is why the engineering and manufacturing process of these lightweight cases can be pricey.

    Gewa Air Orange Violin Case


    Great protection is a must. Why spend money on an un-protective case? Protection is determined by the type of material used, and the brand behind the case.

    Did you know a $100 plywood violin case is often times more protective than a $150 fiberglass case? That’s because cheaper processes are used to keep the cost of a fiberglass case below $150.

    A company can be using paper-thin fiberglass and still call it a fiberglass violin case. Which is why the brands that ensure the quality of their fiberglass cases is a really important factor.

    Check out our guide on the best violin case brands to learn more.


    A durable violin case can last you for decades, making it a worthy investment.

    The biggest issue we see with durability is not the case, but all the small components that are on the case.

    A great case with cheap plastic zippers will still need to be completely replaced if those zippers wear out within the first year.

    Again, the brand determines the quality of workmanship and materials used to build the case.


    This is where things get personal. Now every violinist obviously wants a light, durable, and protective case. But functionality can vary from one violinist to the next.

    Here’s a list of some of the functionalities a case can have?

    1. Spacious accessory pocket - often times for larger shoulder rests, tuners, cleaners, etc. You’ll usually find these with oblong violin cases.

    2. Zippered music pouches - some cases have full-zippered pouches on top of the case for sheet music. Some of the more modern cases have smaller sheet music pouches on the backside.

    3. Combination locks or key locks - Some cases feature number locks instead of key locks. This is good for musicians who want to lock up their cases and not have to worry about forgetting their keys.

    4. Hygrometers - You’ll generally find these with more traditional wooden cases. If the case doesn’t have a hygrometer, no worries. Digital hygrometers are fairly easy to find. Here’s an article that goes into further detail on violin case hygrometers.

    5. Zippers or clasps - You’ll generally find zippers on traditional wooden cases, and clasps on more modern cases.

    6. Removable accessory pouches - This feature has been growing in popularity. The pouch is usually secured to the case by velcro. Which means you can take the whole pouch out of your case and bring it with you to your music stand, keeping all your accessories in one place. This is very useful for orchestral musicians who do not want to run back and forth between their stand and their case for accessories.


    This is what makes a violin case stand out! Some violinists will prefer the look of a genuine leather violin case over the standard black canvas cases that can get lost in a sea of black cases.

    Bam Grey Flannel Violin Case

    Now that we understand the aspects of a great violin case, let’s dive into some of the reasons that people need a new violin case.

    Top Reasons to get a New Violin Case

    For Travel

    This is one of the most common answers we get. Traveling musicians need a case that’ll meet airline regulations, and able to withstand the harsh temperature changes that can happen during travels.

    Violinists generally go for slim, contoured cases that don’t attract too much attention when it comes to boarding a plane. The last thing we want is to check-in our violin cases under the plane.

    Check out our post on the top violin cases for travel.

    Light & Easy on the Shoulders

    Violin cases can get pretty heavy. And over time, they can really start weighing down on the shoulders.

    This can be a problem for young students if they’re used to carrying heavy backpacks. This can put a lot of stress on one side of the body, causing issues with posture over time.

    This is when violinists will prioritize weight as much, or over protection.

    It's a Gift!

    Friends and family know how passionate their loved ones are for music.

    A case is a great gift because it’s something that violinists will definitely love. It’s personal, it’s something that can be used everyday, and it’s usually a luxury that violinists won’t think of getting for themselves.

    People who buy cases as a gift generally go for something nicer, a little more stylish.

    A case that’ll make the violinist go “wow” when they open the box.

    Old Case is Falling Apart

    And last but not least, sometimes a violinist needs a new case because their old one is simply falling apart.

    For these violinists, we generally recommend thinking of everything that was wrong with the old case, and what you would want different in your new case.

    Was the old case too heavy? Were the zippers too flimsy, and possibly the reason why you need a new case?

    Or did you simply get a nicer violin that deserves a nicer case?

    Find Your Ideal Violin Case

    Now that we understand the aspects of a great violin case and some of the top reasons for buying a new violin case, it’s time to consider your ideal violin case that will fit your budget and your needs.

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