• B2048FBVS-A-GTN

    Bobelock 2048 Fiberglass Half Moon Viola Case Green

    Weight: 10 lb

    Size: 15” - 16½” & up to 9.75" wide.

    Material: Fiberglass Shell

    - 1 shoulder strap
    - 2 swivel-type bow holders
    - 2 accessory compartments
    - 1 velvet instrument blanket
    - Hygrometer and humistat
    - Secure suspension system
    - Beautiful velvet interior
    - Patented adjustable slide
    - Water-resistant travel cover
    - Tough and sturdy fiberglass shells

    Bobelock 2048 Green Viola Case

    Fits violas from 15” to 16½” and up to 9.75" wide.

    Bobelock has been a well known name in the world of orchestral instrument protection for decades. These fiberglass viola cases are the most protective and durable fiberglass cases out there!

    The unique half moon shape has been a popular option among student and professional violists. The fiberglass shells are weather and temperature resistant. For example, it doesn't absorb heat like metallic carbon fiber cases do.

    The interior features high-quality velvet padding and a sturdy suspension system. This system basically consists of pads that supports your viola at crucial places, so that you if you drop your case, the viola won't knock against the inside of the case itself.

    Another incredible feature is the adjustable slide. You can adjust the top neck padding via a slide, then easily screw it in place. This option is much more secure than velcro-type adjustable cases.

    The water-resistant travel cover also features an additional zippered compartment for sheet music!


    Exterior dimensions:

    • 31.12" x 11.75" x 4.5"

    Interior dimensions:

    • Upper bout: 8.75"
    • Lower bout: 9.75"